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The story of lovers separated and reunited is at the heart of all transformation. 

A new state of being results from balancing masculine and feminine and synthesizing good and bad.  The code hidden in this basic story form is the universal pattern by which every person, group, or thing evolves.


One of the special experiences in life is a good romantic story.  

In that moment when the lovers are reunited, there is a warming of the heart, an excitement.  

This feeling is but the faintest clue to a blessing that goes deep into the very nature of reality.


The One Romance behind all these stories is the secret key to the unfolding of the universe.

The Romance Archetype consists of four characters and five acts. 
The Four Characters

There may be more than one character in any of the following categories. 

Prince chraming.jpg

The masculine protagonist primarily concerned with action in the world


The feminine protagonist primarily concerned with care for life. 

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A character or characters trying to separate and appropriate the Lovers

The Saboteur
Fairy God Mother copy.jpg

A character or characters trying to strengthen the Lovers and support their union, often bestowing a Magic Implement with special  powers. 

The Five Acts

Each element of the universal plot form must be present either explicitly or implicitly, but not necessarily in the following strict order. 

1. Primordial Union

The Lovers meet or are established as belonging together.

2. Separation

The Saboteur distracts the Hero and abducts the Heroine. 

C Helper arrives.jpg
Screen Shot 2018-08-14 at 7.57.42 PM.png
Fairy God Mother.jpg
3. Intervention

The Nurturer clarifies the situation and bestows a Magic Implement having special power.

4. Battle

The Hero tries to overcome the Saboteur by force, which only strengthens the Saboteur, but one or both of the Lovers remembers to deploy the Magic Implement, which disempowers the Saboteur. 

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Cinderella together.jpg
5. Reunion

The power of the Saboteur is neutralized and the Lovers reunite in the spirit of the Nurturer. 

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