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ORIGINS is an Innovative School which rediscovers the roots of performing art as a means of generating spiritual and psychological health.


ORIGINS Training, often offered for therapy and training, combines Jungian and gestalt therapies, psychodrama, ritual and ceremony.


ORIGINS Performance Art is based on ancient trance performing and may take form of theatre, opera or dance.

ORIGINS - Where Performing Arts, Spirituality and Therapy Meet
"Nothing airy fairy about this Process."
                     - Sylvia Schoeningh, Berlin

Upcoming Workshops

California 2023

Woodacre, CA



Magic Theater

Friday, July 7, 2023

7 - 10:30 PM

Saturday, July 8

9:30 - 6 PM



Every moment is a dance between the Light and the Dark within. One leads towards vitality and life and the other towards deadness and death. Negotiating this is not just A challenge in life, but THE challenge.

The Magic Theater of ORIGINS is a work that goes to the heart of things. It is performance fun that turns out to be profound and serious. It deals with our most basic issues by conjuring them out of the body into archetypal psychodrama. Check it all out on the link above.

ORIGINS has been focused in Europe, but we have been on hiatus for three years and are now slowly opening again in California. This workshop is a small beginning to a greater work and introduces the method and essence of the ORIGINS work. If you feel dead after the last three years, this is the place to come alive.

Friday July 7th,  7 - 10:30 PM and Saturday July 8th  9:30 - 6 PM

Location of the workshop is Woodacre, CA in West Marin.

Venue information sent upon registration at

Introductory price $100  Places are limited. Please reserve now.

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